Unlock the power and potential of parenthood at work.

Parenthood: How it Can Positively Impact Career Performance

Our signature workshop helps parents, managers, executive leadership, and intact teams recognize and realize the value of the skills developed while parenting.

Career Moms Workshop

We help moms at different phases in their careers work together in a collaborative environment to learn how they can thrive at work.

We unleash the potential of parenthood

Tendlab's customized in-depth consulting shows companies how to address parenthood in a way that helps every employee by maximizing productivity.

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Words from a few of our clients

Plum Organics

Stepany Lawrence, People and Culture Manager

As a company that strives to always do right by parents (both consumers and employees), we work hard to hear all voices, learn about different perspectives, and improve accordingly. Our work with Tendlab gave us a forum to really listen to what parents at Plum had to say. We've used Tendlab's research as guidance to facilitate conversations around parenting. This not only allowed us to bond around commonalities and differences, but it also has given us a chance to make an impact in the lives of our employees.


Floren Robinson, Managing Director

Our parenting groups at Accenture have greatly benefited from the expertise of Amy Henderson and Tendlab. I am always beyond impressed by her research and how it impacts the workplace. Her perspective on how parenting accelerates the effectiveness of leaders is inspiring and insightful. Her practical recommendations have been incredibly valuable. I’d recommend Amy and her team to any company working to nourish its culture around parenting and leadership. Her work is revolutionary!


Lea Endres, CEO

Amy's fierce clarity that parents bring superpowers to the companies they work with has rippled through our organization, creating relief and unlocking the best in our working parents.

Meet our team and advisers

Meet some of the awesome people involved with Tendlab.

Amy Henderson

Founding CEO of Tendlab

As the CEO and co-founder of Tendlab, Amy Henderson is focused on transforming the workplace through the power and potential of parenthood. Prior to launching the company, Amy conducted over 100 interviews with high-performing executives who are also admired parents The vast majority felt that parenthood actually increased their capacity to succeed in their careers. Tendlab was founded with the knowledge that successful companies in the 21st century will be the ones who encourage and foster the development of skills acquired in parenting.

Janet Van Hyusse

Co-Founder of Tendlab

Janet is the co-founder of Tendlab. She has twenty years experience as a HR leader in technology. Janet was the first VP HR at Twitter, then VP of Diversity & Inclusion. During that time, Janet pioneered many parental programs that resulted in Twitter's recognition as a great place to work for parents, including 20-week parental leave policy, parent and manager round tables, dinners-to-go and Mommy Mentor program. She is currently the Head of People at Cloudflare, and the mother of 3 young girls.

Lucy Farey-Jones

Lucy Farey-Jones

Founder, CSO of Register Ventures

Lucy has 20+ years experience working with the world’s top brands. She was named one of Business Insider’s top 30 creative women in the world in 2016. Her ideas have appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable, Boing Boing and TED.

Lara Jackle Dickinson

Lara Jackle Dickinson

Executive Director & Co-Founder of OSC2

OSC2 (squared) is a group of CEOs working together toward regenerative food and agriculture solutions. Lara also runs Pluot Consulting where she deploys her 20 plus years of natural foods experience.

Tina Lee

Tina Lee

Founder, CEO of MotherCoders

Tina is the Founder and CEO of Mothercoders, which works to expand the tech talent pool by helping women with kids gain the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to thrive in today's digital economy.

Nathalie Miller

Nathalie Miller

Startup Advisor

After playing a key and/or founding role at several tech startups, including Instacart, Code2040, and Doxa Score, Nathalie now user her expertise to help launch mission-driven startups.

Hugh Molotsi

Hugh Molotsi

CEO and Founder, Ujama

Ujama helps make parenting joyful by building trusted pools of parents who support each other in transporting their children. In 2015, Hugh concluded a 22-year career at Intuit where his last position was Engineering Fellow and Vice President.

Bob Richter

Bob Richter

Lifestyle Guru

Bob Richter is a Vintage Lifestyle Guru, TV Personality, Author, Antiques Dealer and Designer. A fan favorite from PBS series Market Warriors, Bob connects with his audience through the lens of comfort, continuity and connection.

Floren Robinson Pressman

Floren Robinson Pressman

Managing Director, Accenture

Voted 2016 working mother of the year by Working Mother Magazine. Floren started Mothers on the Move, a group that provides a support network and voice for Accenture's new parents.

Sarah Roos-Essl

Sarah Roos-Essl

CEO, Boulecardiere

Sarah has spent 15+ years working in the tech industry, most recently leading sales teams at Facebook and Twitter. After the birth of her first daughter, Sarah became passionate about improving the experience of parents in the workforce and founded the Parents Employee Resource Group at Twitter. She is currently the co-founder and CEO of a travel startup, Boulevardiere.

Dr. Alexandra Sacks

Dr. Alexandra Sacks

Reproductive Psychiatrist

Dr. Alexandra Sacks is a Reproductive Psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. She specializes in working with women, and has been studying 'matrescence,' the identity shift that occurs with motherhood, which was featured in her 2017 NYT article "The Birth of a Mother."

Nikki Silvestri

Nikki Silvestri

CEO of Soil and Shadow

Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Soil and Shadow, a project design and management firm working to create systems change while improving relationships between communities.

Lisen Stromberg

COO of the 3 Percent Conference

Lisen Stromberg is a culture innovation consultant, journalist and author empowering people and companies to reimagine work/life success. Her latest book, Work, Pause, Thrive, highlights trailblazers leading the way. Click her photo for info on her book.

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