TendLab™ optimizes the workforce for today’s working parents

Parenthood: How it Can Positively Impact Career Performance

We help companies (small and large!) understand how to integrate (and celebrate) parenthood in the workplace. (Click through to case studies page and learn more)

For Parents: A Workshop Series for Moms and Dads

Grounded in rigorous research, our Career Catalyst Workshop Series for Moms and Dads helps parents forge themselves through the journey of working while parenting. (Click through to learn more)

For Everyone: Speaker Series About Parenthood at Work

Bringing together some of the most progressive minds in parenting, we host regular events so parents and their allies can learn, grow, and build community with one another.

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Meet the founders of TendLab
Amy Henderson

Amy Henderson

CEO and Co-founder of TendLab

A mindful social entrepreneur, Amy has played a founding role in several successful ventures. After the birth of her third child, she went on a quest to learn if it were possible to both show up for parenting and have a successful career. While conducting more than 220 formal interviews with working parents and sitting down with researchers from a number of different disciplines, Amy discovered that parenting develops career-critical skills. Armed with this revelation, Amy founded TendLab to help companies recognize and realize the value of their parent employees--for the benefit of everyone. Amy is a regular speaker and author advocating on behalf of the power of parenthood at work. Her book, Tending, will be published in early 2020 by Nationbuilder Books.

Janet Van Hyusse

Janet Van Hyusse

Co-Founder of TendLab

Janet is the co-founder of TendLab. She has twenty years experience as a HR leader in technology. Janet was the first VP HR at Twitter, then VP of Diversity & Inclusion. During that time, Janet pioneered many parental programs that resulted in Twitter's recognition as a great place to work for parents, including 20-week parental leave policy, parent and manager round tables, dinners-to-go and Mommy Mentor program. She is currently the Head of People at Cloudflare, and the mother of 3 young girls.

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