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Collaborative, Exciting, Groundbreaking

Inspired by the research and knowledge that we are stronger together than we are alone, we design and hold the space for mothers to laugh, learn and share from each other in a powerful, energizing, and mobilizing way. When we come together to share our experiences in an honest and vulnerable way, we gain access to a deeper wisdom.  One that allows us to transform our relationship to our careers.  Together, we learn how motherhood forges us into more potent versions of our former selves.  We will take the tender vulnerability of sharing with each other and allow it to yield collaborative, exciting and groundbreaking results.

"Working moms, especially those coming back to work after parental leave, have rarely considered how becoming a parent can help them develop skills that will enhance their careers. Tendlab's research requires us to consider how we can leverage our role as parents to thrive at work."

Cheryl Porro, CTO of Thrive Global

Every woman who has participated in this workshop series said she feels more empowered to succeed in her career after attending this course.

Integrate skills you've developed as a Mom

Grounded in Tendlab's research, this course will help participants recognize and integrate into their careers the skills they develop while parenting.  Our group setting will include moms from different companies and will allow each woman to recognize the shared challenges inherent to being a working mom.  It will also allow the group to access a deeper level of insight and understanding by de-stigmatizing the alienation and shame so many working moms experience.  Our series will build a strong community among participants who will then be empowered to recognize and advocate for what they need to succeed.

Week 1

The Research Shows...

Learn the five main skills developed through parenthood, as identified in Tendlab's research.

Week 2

Fault Lines

Identify the challenges each woman experiences as a result of her role as a working mom.

Week 3

Forging & Forming

Workshop ways to forge ourselves through the challenges we face, both individually and collectively.

Week 4

A Diamond Cracks

Clarify the path forward to emerge more empowered and effective, to not only survive, but thrive.

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