Tendlab’s signature workshop explores how the skills developed while parenting can enhance career performance.

Our workshop is grounded in interviews with hundreds of highly-admired working parents and research from many disciplines, including neuroscience, evolutionary biology, game theory, management studies, and more.


Data sharing & experiential training

With a blended combination of data-sharing and experiential training, our workshop helps participants integrate the information we share into their own individual lives.

60-90 minute workshops

Our short (60-90 minute) version of this workshop provides an overview of our research, outlining how the five main skills parenthood develops are not only relevant, but essential, for success in today’s workplace.

2-8 hour workshops

Longer versions of this workshop range in length from 2 to 8 hours, and can both elaborate on the skills developed while parenting and address the following additional topics:

  1. How parenthood at work impacts everyone—not just parents.  And how the most difficult conversations can lead to increased trust among teams and within organizations.
  2. How managers can more effectively support their parent employees.
  3. How parents can recognize and advocate for what they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Tailored to you

Our signature workshop can be tailored to different audiences.  We’ve delivered it to entire companies, non-parent managers, intact teams, executive leadership, and both moms and parents’ groups, just to name a few.

Our parenting groups at Accenture have greatly benefited from the expertise of Amy Henderson and Tendlab. I am always beyond impressed by her research and how it impacts the workplace. Her perspective on how parenting accelerates the effectiveness of leaders is inspiring and insightful. Her practical recommendations have been incredibly valuable. I’d recommend Amy and her team to any company working to nourish its culture around parenting and leadership.

Floren Robinson, Accenture

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